potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the Americ▓asSweet potatoes may originate in Asia, not in the AmericasS

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ted earlier and in the Old World. The new research provides evidence for th▓at conclusion.The discovery also suggested▓ the morning glory family and the nightshade family - which includes potatoes a▓nd tomatoes - diverged earlier than previously thought

.Together with the recent, separate discovery of 52-million-year-old night▓shade fossils in Argentina, it revealed that morning ▓glories developed in the East and nights▓hades in the West.The 17 fossils analyzed in▓ the study are the earliest recorded fossils f▓or both the morning glory family, known as Convolvulaceae, and the order Solanales, w

in Asia instead

  • of the Americas, and much earlier than previously
  • known.Paleobotanists in Indiana University led by
  • David Dilcher identified 57-milion-year-old le
  • af fossils from eastern India ▓as being from the mo
  • rning glory family, which includes sweet potat

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hich includes ▓morning glories and nightshades.Morning glory fossils are rare because the plants' soft structure was▓ not easily preserved in rocks.Dilcher's▓ collaborators, Gaurav Srivastava and Rakesh C. Mehrotra of I

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ndia's Birbal Sahni Institute of ▓Palaeosciences, discovered the fossils▓ in Meghalaya, a state in

northeastern▓ India.The morning glory family is widely distributed in▓ tropical and subtropical regions and includes about 57 p▓lant genera

and 1,880 species. The s▓weet potato is the world's second most important ro▓ot crop, and other members of the family are medicinally and culturally significant.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q

arch suggested

R Code to follow us on WechatPotatoes also have a museum. China's first and only "Potato Museum" was complete

d in Yanqing County, Beijing. The hist▓ory, current condition, development, promotion and application of potatoes in China are shown at the exhibition hall which covers an area of 3,000 square meters through precious photos and plenty of objects. There are mini potatoes as small as soybeans, bi▓g potatoes as big as pillows, colored potatoes in

  • the family originated in the late Paleocene epoch
  • in the East Gondwana land mass that became part o
  • f Asia."I think this will change people's idea
  • s," Dilcher said. "It will be ▓a data point that is
  • picked up and used in other work where resear

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red, purpl▓e and black, Shepody potatoes suitable▓ for cooking French fries, Atlantic potat▓oes for cooking potato chips, and potatoes from Holland suitable for cooking dishes. At the potato mu

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reds of new potato types that are displayed i▓n the cupboards. 銆€ Vincent van Gogh's famous painting "The Potato Eaters" represents the international background of the small p

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▓rld's first country to plant potatoes; colonists from Spain took potatoes from the Andes to Europe; around the Christian era 1621, potatoes, sweet corn

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volution of major groups

so de▓monstrates the entire process of producing potatoe▓s, including detoxication, seed breeding and planting. The potato museum is located at the

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 a cost of millions of yuan. China is the world's large▓st producer of potatoes and this humble tub▓er is the fifth most important cash crop i▓n the country.

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But as far as history goes,▓ the spud is a relative newcomer, having entered the Middle Kingdom through the Silk Route toward the end ▓of the Ming Dynasty

ious fossil evidence

(1368-1644). It is eaten on its own, made into starch and processed into ▓noodles and it has more than proven its worth as a valuable food and cash crop. Nowhere else in the world - not even

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